Project Room: Aishwarya Das | Department of Art & Performing Arts

Project Room: Aishwarya Das

The concept for the project room got derived from the question, What do we look at ,when we look into the mirror? Along with Jacques Lacan’s theory of The Mirror Stage, in which the ideal ‘I’ of us, is objectified by us, the unit ‘I’ is a fiction which is Created during the mirror stage in us, then through linguistic acquisition the rest of the life is spent to became this ‘I’ . It is the reason of dissatisfaction with the present and continuous projection of desirable future us .Visual based digital platforms and advertisements are misrecognized as ideal objects, in the same way we misrecognize ourselves as an object in the mirror stage. Scavenging on this natural human instinct through digital surveillance survives the digital platforms.

I have created a mobile personal space. Where the inner walls are surrounded by mirrors  that project  multiple reflections of a subject .Once it enters the space, interrogating the ideal ‘I’ with  projection of questions on the mirrors ,which assist in stimulating their thought process. Multiple sensors were connected with the  LED lights, the entire system only starts to work when a subject enters the enclosure. Just Like in the digital platforms, advertisements always project the illusion of ideal ‘I’ only when we enter into it. I aim to make the viewer question and interrogate their self-image.

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