Project Room: Medhavi Bhatia | Department of Art & Performing Arts

Project Room: Medhavi Bhatia

Through this site-specific work, I’ve attempted to explore the idea of mark making, viewing the marks of the “Other” and the marks made by the “Self” as two parallels. For me, a few fundamental
facets of this project were observing the impact the of mark of the “other” on myself and acquainting myself with the origin of these mark, so as to eliminate any discomfort. The work required a week-long engagement with the space. Through the course of this week, I applied a psychological tool known as exposure therapy, specifically, systematic desensitisation, to familiarize myself with the space, to overcome the anxieties cause by enigmatic marks and to exist in the space without experiencing the presence of others. This psychologically charged process involved mental
visualization of the body in the space, relaxation techniques, psychoanalytical writing, documentation of anxiety provoking areas, engagement through attachment of narrative to the
marks and finally, removal or acceptance of certain elements of the site. The final visual representation of the project relied heavily on the level of engagement with the space and
contained the documentation, through photographs and writings, of these seven days.

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