Project Room: Srushti Shah | Department of Art & Performing Arts

Project Room: Srushti Shah

My project room is about my whole process of connecting to art practice in a new space .My works are based on the space I am surrounded by or which is related to me. When I was struggling with connecting myself to the new space of my college campus,I started going through my photography works which were of my home.It made me nostalgic. This feeling changed my whole perspective of looking at my work and also its meaning. I used those works and also the work which were personal to me to connect myself with this new space.I cut all those printed images and connected them with threads.The process reminded me of making a toran which I used on the outer walls.I have used both outer and inner space of my room and showed the contrast between the controlled life of campus and my works which are close to me which helped me to connect with my work again.The whole process was engaging which I also tried to show with my work by engaging the viewers from beginning till end with my work like a parikrama.

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