Project Room: Tanvi Srivastava | Department of Art & Performing Arts

Project Room: Tanvi Srivastava

This particular project, plays with the concept of ‘Othering’! And questioning the Defined Definitions! It critically questions the possibility of defined words like ‘Privacy’, ‘Restriction’, ‘Intimacy’, etc., and rips open their limits according to their Definitions. The meaning of ‘Crossing a Limit’ and ‘Overcoming a Limit’. Can every limit be Crossed/ overcome? Do I Overcome a Limit? Or Cross One? And who defines When the limit has been crossed? The Irony of bringing my Private Space in the Public, and observing their Reaction, how they respond looking at the limits being crossed or overcame. A space in Shiv Nadar University, Boy’s Hostel. Bringing a Girl’s Hostel space in Boys’, along with the 2 projections on either Side of the room. ‘The whole room is a play between intrusion and welcoming in my private space’ One projection is projecting partially over the window and Partially going outside of the room on the public, the other projection is set up On the entrance gate of the room, from where, the viewer is able to ‘peep’ into My private space, set inside. A 16mins long film, is shot, acted and edited by me, of how my life is inside my Personal space, i.e., my hostel room. Presented with line of 52 such words Which define limits of certain things. Example: good, bad, comfortable, Acceptable, false, right, restrict, inner, intervene, conceivable, etc. questioning Their utter definitions in social life and people. The whole room has been set in such a way, that it gives a feel of my own Room as one enters into it. I wanted to create the feel of intrusion in the Viewers’ mind and also a sense of welcoming feeling, as how I am allowing Someone to entre in my personal space, to walk through my personal Belongings. Also, the yellow light defines my space more, as the main Characteristic of my room is yellow fairy lights.

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