Project Room: Vishnu Prasad | Department of Art & Performing Arts

Project Room: Vishnu Prasad

"The kept state of order is ephemeral”

SNU is very well maintained, keeping everything in order. We have pest control, janitors, sweepers, smoke detecters, All giving us a sense of presence of the authority that maintains the living conditions in SNU. 

The conditions disintegrate over time by usage and there comes maintenance. The idea of maintenance, that a “kept state of order” is ephemeral and it needs to be maintained. It is carried out by a greater authority.

The project room will be maintained by the janitors at their usual timings and two substances are made to remain on the floor. The importance of these chemicals are, they form into blood like colour when in contact with each other. 

The idea is that the maintenance would intervene with the room and it would become a blood shed by the mixing of these chemicals. This will happen every day until the proposed date of project completion.

Equipments used by the maintenance people could vary, so do the patterns on the floor.

A video of sweeping and mopping taking place outside the project room will be displayed live, inside the project room, in order to show the contrast between an order that’s been done on a floor without the chemicals and with the chemicals.

What are these chemicals : These chemicals in the project room are metaphors of every radical ideas that comes up and an act of order would take place on them by the maintenance and it would turn into bloodshed.

The cleaning could take place for 15 to 20 mins max everyday

Every day, some ideas (chemicals) will come up and the maintenance would intervene on it to make it into order and the things will end up in bloodshed and the blood colour will be cleaned and the same process will happen throughout the days (history)

There will always be some unfortunate things no matter how hard it is tried to keep things in order.

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