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The Undergraduate Program in Dance Studies integrates physical and intellectual endeavor to engender knowledge of the self, culture and meaning as manifested in movement. Students grapple with issues such as embodiment, pleasure, meaning; with structural features governing the movement of human bodies in space and time; and with historical, cultural and sociological aspects of dance, such as ritual, patronage, caste, and sexuality. Dance is situated within the broader intellectual, political and artistic movements of the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

The Minor in Dance Studies, open to all students at SNU, is ideally suited to students with some dance training who seek to advance physical skills while bringing intellectual rigor to their field of study. The program can also accommodate students without prior dance training who want to explore dance as part of a vibrant liberal arts curriculum. This programme prepares the student for a graduate programme in Dance, Performance Studies, or Education with a view to research, performance or teaching.