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Minor in Dance Studies

The Undergraduate Program in Dance Studies is designed to address Dance as a field of academic enquiry, allowing students across diverse disciplines to access and engage with the art form on multiple levels. The programme  integrates the physical and intellectual capabilities of students through a multi-disciplinary pedagogical framework creating a culture of praxis. This program not only provides for performance and vocational skills and the mastery of technique but encourages students to push the boundaries of dance while exploring historical, philosophical, and analytical approaches to the art form.

Students will grapple with philosophical, cognitive and aesthetic issues such as embodiment, pleasure, meaning; with structural features common to all dance forms governing the movement of human bodies in space and time; and with historical, cultural and sociological aspects of dance, such as ritual, patronage, caste, and sexuality.

Key Information

Art & Performing Arts
School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS)
Prof. Aadya Kaktikar
0120- 3819100 Ext. - 121
Time to Start 
2nd Semester
No. of Credits